Store Resources for Petites

A selection of stores and their petite-friendliness, especially for very short petites.
Stores listed in bold as a *fox favorite* are among my top picks.


American Eagle
Petite Sizing:  no
Pros:  short inseam jeans on a budget.
Cons:  sizing for tops runs large.

Ann Taylor
Petite Sizing:  yes
Pros:  work wear
Cons:  sizing runs large overall.

Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: latest trends, fun prints
Cons: many styles are long and baggy, does not seem designed for petites, can be pricey.

*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: most items available in xxs!
Cons: necklines and inseams may be too long, can be pricey.

Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: runs small, many different items available.
Cons: can look too young and over designed, online only.

Banana Republic
Petite Sizing:  yes
Pros:  work wear, typically good quality
Cons:  not a lot of selection, sizing runs large overall.

Banana Republic Factory Store
Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: work wear, frequent sales, many options.
Cons: website does not ship outside the US, quality not as good as their regular stores.
REVIEW on the blog here.

BCBG/Max Azria
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: occasion/formal dresses that run small.
Cons:  most other items will be too large, can be very pricey.

Change Lingerie
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: great selection of band and cup sizes for bras.
Cons: bra straps can be set too wide for small shoulders, no store locations in the US.

(Canada only)
Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: work wear, stylish, budget friendly.
Cons: sizing runs extremely large, only ships within Canada.

Forever 21
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: latest trends, budget friendly.
Cons:  sizing runs large overall, typically low quality.

Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: basics, budget friendly.
Cons: some styles seem older/not fashion forward.

Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: petite outerwear, stylish, regular sized dresses that run small.
Cons:  small selection of petite sizes and not usually in store, some styles can look too young.
Tip: try finding Guess petite via Nordstrom online rather than Guess websites/stores.
Canada Tip: the Bay carries Guess in their dress section

H and M
*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: sizing runs small, trends and basics, color options, budget friendly work wear, good quality for the price.
Cons: hems can be too long, mainly man-made fabrics, many other people own the exact same items.

J. Crew
*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: work wear, outerwear, wardrobe staples, great fabrics, occasion/formal dresses, typically excellent quality, xxs for both petite and regular sizes.
Cons: limited selection of items, some styles are too boxy, small details that throw off an otherwise great product.  (lack of long sleeve sweaters in petite sizing, blazers made of gorgeous fabrics but are boyfriend style)

Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: work wear and suiting, UK brand owned by a petite and made specifically for petites.
Cons: can be too much extra material in the bust area for smaller ladies, dress hemlines too long for very short petites (but should be a quick tailoring fix), rarely releases new styles.

Kallone Intimi
(Canada only)
Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: carries bras by the Little Bra Company!  Good option to ship within Canada.
Cons:  limited availability (and one store location, in Toronto)

Little Bra Company
*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: yes!!!
Pros: small sized bra bands and cup sizes, overall styles and shoulder strap placements specifically designed for petites
Cons: medium and large cup sizes not available, can be expensive and hard to exchange if shipping to an address outside the US.
Tip: check if an intimates store in your country carries this brand (such as Kallone Intimi in Canada)

Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: work wear
Cons: sizing runs large overall.

*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: stylish workout wear options, sizing runs very small
Cons: hand wash to maintain quality, some items can be pricey.
REVIEW on the blog here.

Petite Sizing: no
Pros: budget friendly, stylish, work wear, xs fits well in form fitting styles.
Cons: xs frequently out of stock, many store locations in the US but otherwise hard to find.

Petite Sizing: no
Pros: fun prints and styles, user reviews and images incredibly helpful for selecting a great fit.
Cons: online only, many items are not available in xs and the even rarer xxs, xxs hard to find with search functions.
REVIEW on the blog here.

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: good prices and sales on merinos, underlayers, boots, and winter clothing
Cons: only carries standard sizes, variety of store locations in Canada but international shipping can be pricey

*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: large selection of styles and prices, small sized footwear, wardrobe staples, high quality.
Cons: international shipping is expensive, decent options in store but not as good as online.

Petite Sizing: no
Pros: xxs zip-up hoodies, casual wear, outdoors, warm socks, small sized boots, leather purses in various sizes and shapes.
Cons: sleeves and hems may be too long, shirts too loose.

Suzy Shier
*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: no
Pros: sizing runs small especially for form fitting styles, great store for fast fashion and trends, budget friendly.
Cons: ships only to US/Canada, stores are only in Canada, tunics and dresses may be too long.

The Bay
(Canada only,  but also applicable to Sears/JCPenney)
Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: variety of items available in-store, work wear, wardrobe staples, casual options, stores are typically large and can be a quieter shopping experience.
Cons: petite items are typically not fashion forward and seem old/out of date, many sizes run large, can be hard to find a sales associate during non-peak hours (sometimes I spend more time looking for someone to ring up my order than I spent actually shopping)

*Fox Favorite*
Petite Sizing: yes
Pros: variety of items available in-store, some items run very small (such as jeans and tank tops), dress lengths can be good without alteration, trendy, regular sizes also run small.
Cons: some styles are overly trendy and can look very young, sheath/bodycon dresses too wide for thin petites, a little overpriced for the quality.

Petite Sizing: no
Pros: casual, budget friendly shoes, kids shoes that will fit smaller feet.
Cons: some patterns can look very young.
REVIEW on the blog here.


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