Seen in Store: Brooks Brothers Petite

Brooks Brothers Petite women's professional clothing review | Fox Petite blog

I'd been vaguely aware that Brooks Brothers carries petite clothing, but I had never seen any of their items in person.  They always seemed like an expensive designer brand you see in airport terminals but never out in the wild of real life.  I came across one of their outlet stores and decided to duck in for a quick look - lo and behold, a petite section!

Brooks Brothers Petite women's office clothing review | Fox Petite blog

It was a very small area off to the side of the store, easy to miss but there none the less.  One four-sided rack, and a bit of wall section.  I would have missed it except that a petite-looking blazer hanging on the wall drew me over!  My first impression was that the styles were very professional.  Simple, tailored looks in classic solid Earth tones made of thick, quality fabrics - a navy sheath dress, a black blazer, a long sleeve button up white blouse. 

Brooks Brothers Petite women's girlboss workwear clothing review | Fox Petite blog

With a sale happening in the outlet store, prices were about on par with the regular J.Crew/Banana Republic cost range.  There are a few more style options available in their online petites section, but even more can be found in the petites sale section of their website which aren't included in the regularly priced search results. 

Brooks Brothers Petite women's work wardrobe clothing review | Fox Petite blog

When I held the smallest size (0P) up to myself, the items were too wide and too long.  Some simple tailoring could fix them up, but I've found better off-the-rack fits at other stores.  Brooks Brothers may be a great choice for professional petite ladies who are in the 5'2"-5'4" height range, or shorter women who are ok with tailoring to enhance their business wardrobe.  It's definitely good to know Brooks Brothers is there as an option for petite girl bosses!